What happens when a Slot Game Title is Discontinued?

Not every slot title will last forever, some will eventually be discontinued. There are a variety of reasons why a slot will become discontinued including persistent technical issues and license issues – check out Slots Baby. 

What is a Discontinued Slot Game? 

Sometimes a slot game is discontinued, this means that sites can no longer host the slot game. A slot which is discontinued is effectively finished, the player will not be able to find any trace of the game on a casino site. Discontinuing slots can be a very frustrating experience for players as they often vanish without a trace. It can be incredibly disappointing to sign in to your favourite online casino only to find that the slot you were looking forward to playing is no longer on the site. Slots can be discontinued for any number of reasons. If you find that your favourite slot has been discontinued, players should look for a suitable alternative instead of getting sad and frustrated. Alternative slots will be easy to find, search the casino site for slots or ask fellow players for some recommendations. 

Discontinued Slots 

Many popular slots have been discontinued over the years. The following are some of the most popular discontinued slot games. 

  1. Aliens was an incredibly well liked slot which was developed by NetEnt. The slot was based on the popular motion picture film from the 90’s Aliens. Despite being hugely popular, this slot was discontinued. Players should use the Robocop slot as an alternative.
  2. Wolverine was a slot developed by Playtech and it was based on the popular Marvel Comics hero Wolverine. Players liked this slot for fun design and unique berserker rage feature which resulted in big wins! Unfortunately this slot was discontinued when Playtech lost the Marvel license when Disney purchased the company. Players should use the Batman Begins slot as an alternative. 

Reasons for Discontinuing a Slot 

Whenever a popular slot is discontinued, it is inevitable that a few players will end up disappointed. Often, the slot is gone without a trace, casino sites rarely offer an explanation for a disappearance. There are a few key reasons why a slot game can end up being discontinued. 

  1. License issues – Perhaps the biggest reason, many popular slot games have been discontinued as casino sites and developers have run into various license issues with the property the slot is based on. Sometimes these issues are resolved but usually the slot will have to be discontinued.
  2. Technical issues – Another reason why a slot gets discontinued is due to technical issues, this can range from things such as poor graphics and animations all the way to serious issues such as rigging and cheating problems! Technical issues can sometimes plague a slot, on occasion even being the reason as to why it has been discontinued. 

Final Thoughts 

Players can end up incredibly disappointed when a slot is discontinued, particularly when there is no prior warning. If a slot gets discontinued, slots should look for alternative slots which offer similar experiences.

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