7 Long-Lasting Hair Colour Tips For Red Hair

After scouring through multiple Pinterest boards, you finally find the best hair colour for yourself. This time it’s more bold, bright and beautiful than ever – Red! But wait a minute, are you all prepped with the pre and post hair colour care? Umm, no? Worry not, we’ve got your back! Right from understanding the shade to indulging in enriching post-care, we’ve mindfully curated seven tips for the redhead like you! So, let’s dive right into it.

  1. Pick The Shade Wisely

The shades that you see on Pinterest or Instagram aren’t reliable. Solely because what might suit the model, might not suit you. Hence, it becomes important to understand your undertone and then choose a hair colour. For instance, if you have a warm undertone, we recommend going for a copper-red, whereas someone with a cool undertone can easily rock a mahogany red hair colour. You can also use temporary hair colour spray to do a strand test. This will help you pick the best hair colourfor yourself in an effective manner.

2.Use A Colour Protect Shampoo

Unnatural colours like red, pink or even blue hair colourare some of the hues which tend to strip away quite quickly. Thus, it becomes essential to use professional haircare products that consist of colour protect formula. One which nourishes your hair and extends the life of your hair colour.

3.Deep Conditioning is Must

If you aren’t on the hair masking wagon, then you need to get on it ASAP! Deep conditioning is a great way to ensure long-lasting hair colour which looks and feels fresh and hydrated! For best results, we recommend using a deep conditioning mask once a week.

4.Avoid Excessive Shampooing

Over-washing can easily strip your red hair colour and leave you with faded roots. This isn’t a pretty picture to look at. So, it’s best to wash your hair only once a week. For other days, you can reach out for a dry shampoo to refresh your greasy mane.

5.Minimal Heat Styling

You might want to lay low on heat styling. It’s because the heat can damage your hair and fade your hair colour. So, it’s best to apply minimal or zero heat to your freshly coloured mane.

6.Steer Clear Of UV Rays

Adding on to the previous point, UV rays can also damage your coloured tresses. This might leave you with brassy looking hair. To keep this damage at bay, simply cover-up your hair with a hat or a scarf.

7.Regular Touch-ups

Be it red, pink or blue hair colour, all of them require frequent touch-ups. So, you need to be prepared for a long-term commitment in order to keep up the radiant colour.

Now that you have these tips at hand, you are all set to dive into the red hue. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get the best hair colouring products and haircare products online, which showers your hair with lots of love and care. Happy colouring to you!

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