Quilted jacket – top winter outerwear

Getting out of your warm bed in the morning on a cold winter day can be hard, but imagine soon there after slipping into a warm comfy coat – your quilted coat is perfect to extend the cozy magic. During the global pandemic we got used to wearing athleisure and yoga pants became our best companions both inside and outside, and being comfortable has become a new credo of the generation. Quilted jackets are here to combine these habits without compromising on style. Unique combination of warmth, lightness and style in one particular garment is the perfect layer to keep you cozy and comfortable all year round.

Learn everything about quilted jacket and how to style it smoothly.

Black quilted jacket – always appropriate garment

No matter whether you are living a busy lifestyle in the city, or opt-in for a more casual wintery exploration in the country, black quilted jacket can be a perfect choice for both. Versality makes it irreplaceable on any occasion. Quilted jacket is water-resistant and warm and hence a great companion for traveling, driving and outdoor use, excellent choice for both work and casual wear.

Originally designed to mimic army liners and keep warm while hunting, today’s black quilted jacket comes maintains its functionality, but adds more style. Keep in mind that it’s not only warm, but very light too. Warmth here comes from the “puffy” places between the stitching. They are filled with down insulation or synthetic fibers. The air in these layers blocks the cold, while giving you a feeling of lightness and freedom of movement.

Exclusive fashion tips for wearing black quilted jacket for women

If a women’s black quilted jacket is what you are after, we suggest going with black, light grey or dark blue. If you like more color, pair your quilted jacket with an oversized colorful scar for a knit snood in the color of your choice. It adds texture to your outfit and makes it look more interesting. You can choose the. Fraze women’s long hooded coat WEEKEND Black. The mid-length jacket Weekend is everything your days off should be – playful, comfortable, and original.

The best combination you can get, is a quilted jacket with slim-fitting trousers or a short skirt and dark colored tights. For extra spice do not hesitate to add ankle boots or knee-high boots which also keep your legs warm.

Quilted jacket – womens top choice

It’s not hard to guesswhy women chose a quilted jacket. It bridges the gap between country sportswear and more formal daywear.

It’s also versatile, which makes it perfect for unpredictable weather conditions. The soft fleece lining and polyester top layer make an irreplaceable combination, keeping you comfortable, warm and dry, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

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