Tips for choosing the perfect bag

There are countless models, patterns, colors, materials, sizes … There are so many that sometimes we don’t really know which one to choose and we buy some on impulse that we don’t take advantage of later.

Either because you have a celebration, because you need to renew your daily bag or simply because you feel like it, today on the luxury e store we are going to show you how to choose the perfect one for you. Take note of the following tips:

Shape and length matter

Not all bags feel the same for all women. Our curves and our height have a direct impact on how a certain model will fit us. If you are tall and rather thin, large bags will suit you great but if, on the contrary, you are short; we recommend that you opt for a smaller one. If you are a woman with curves, straight bags will be perfect for you, as if you lack them, shaped bags will feel like they are not even painted.

A bag, like any other accessory or clothing that we carry serves to enhance our figure so if you have the possibility to regulate its height, never put it at the same level as your most voluminous part of the body, so you will not highlight that area.

Do we combine it with shoes?

There are women who prefer to wear shoes and bags combined, however this does not have to be the case. It is important that you do not forget the color and style of your footwear so as not to clash but they do not need to be exactly the same.

An occasion, a bag

Obviously, going to work is not the same as going shopping or going out for a drink at night. Each bag has its moment and that is why we must choose accordingly. For example, if you are going out with friends, we recommend a small clutch-type bag in which our most necessary personal items such as mobile, wallet or keys fit perfectly. If, on the other hand, you are a working woman with a dizzying pace of life, yours are our tote bags. Large, stylish and absolutely perfect to accompany you from the moment you leave home in the morning until you arrive in the afternoon or evening.

If you want a bag for a certain occasion, you probably already have your outfit chosen. Bags like shoes can be used to break a look that is too sober, in fact what is being worn right now are contrasts. If, on the other hand, you want a bag that combines with almost everything, neutral colors are ideal.

The organization, vital for many women

Like any woman, surely you carry absolutely everything in your prada ladies bags: keys, purse, mobile, handkerchiefs, lipstick … The list is so long that we could be talking about it all day. We know, it is our pending account, but we cannot avoid going out with half a house tucked inside it. If, like us, you like to carry everything, whatever may arise, bags with several compartments can help you keep all your things more organized and not spend 30 minutes looking for the keys every time you want to enter the house.

Never forget your style

It is clear, a bag may be beautiful and it may even seem real to you but deep down you know that it is not your style. From our blog we recommend that you always think about which one suits your personality the most. There are classic, daring, funny, elegant, modern, casual … Always choose the one you feel most comfortable with!

Keep all these tips in mind when buying your next bag, but above all choose the one that you really love.

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