Cypaid: How I Started My Fashion Brand Designed By Neville

  1. Tell us a little about yourself

My name is cynosure Neville, also known as Cypaid, founder and creative director of Designed by Neville, but most people call me cynosure because I used to be the editor in chief for cynosure magazine.

Have a bachelor degree in Bio medical laboratory technology and also have an international business certificate from San Francisco City College.

I grew up in a diversed and mixed background. I was born in Nigeria, raised Jamaica & UK before finaly settling down in the United States, San Francisco to be specific.

So I think being raised in multiple cities has made me open to all different types of people, cultures, food etc. I’ve always felt lucky to be from different sides of the world.

I love travelling and living life to the fullest, like there is no tomorrow. I try to find happiness in small things of life.

I call myself a fashion scribe, because I’m so self conscious when it comes to fashion but I’m not a slave to trend.

  1. Did you always know that you wanted to build your own brand?

That’s a big yes, have always loved fashion from infancy. My early curiosity for trends made me to be obsessed with fashion, so that channeled my love toward pursuing a career in fashion, I’ve always been very strong-minded and opinionated about fashion; what I want to wear, what looks best on others, and just about fashion in general.

I love the power of clothing and the transformative quality of choosing the right clothes to wear. When I was in middle school, I will use Sharpie, water color and even screen print my own clothes so as to stand out from the rest kids in class.

I took pride in having the best outfit, or at least making the biggest effort. lol.

So now that I’m much older I said to myself it’s time to turn this hobby or obsession into a full time business.

I tell people I’m an old soul trapped in a young body, because I love to inspire and motivate people, I have a penchant to imbibe the self independent culture into people, encourage them to hustle hard and believe in themselves. My first collection inscription was “MAKING MONEY MOVES “, and my second collection which will be launched this fall got the” SECURE THE BAG” inscription, to me fashion is a language. So I wanted to communicate with my designs, bring beauty and positive vibes into the world through fashion.

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