How to Color Your Hair and Keep It Healthy

People in particular, women, have been coloring their hair going back to ancient times. Whether it is for an expression of style, for beauty, or to cover grey hair, hair coloring has been an important part of expression and style. Over hundreds if not thousands of years, hair coloring has evolved and changed both in process and in materials. One thing remains the same however, and that is the importance of making sure your hair stays healthy throughout the process of coloring it. Especially for people who color their hair on a consistent basis, hair can become dry and damaged from repeated color treatments. Without proper care, hair that has been colored can also become dull and lose the color the person was trying to achieve quicker than they would like. In order to maintain healthy, long lasting, colored hair, there are many steps you can take to make this possible.

At Madison Reed, a hair color company, they have designed a product and method that ensures hair is kept healthy while also maintaining its color. Their hair color products are also made without harsh ingredients including parabens, ammonia, and sodium lauryl sulfate. These products are damaging to all hair but especially to hair with color in it. Madison Reed has also added argan oil, keratin, and ginseng root extract to better protect your hair. In addition to their high quality hair color products they also give their customers the ability to color hair at home with Madison Reed in under an hour. In order to achieve that ‘just left the salon’ look but at home, Madison Reed has a list of instructions of just how to do that with ease. They have a color quiz designed to help you find the perfect shade of color that you desire. In order to have the hair color last they also recommend washing your hair at least 24 hours before you plan on coloring your hair. When the time comes to color your hair, detailed videos are on the website on exactly how to achieve the color you want and how to apply the hair color. Different videos are available for either going darker or lighter as well as how to add highlights.

After the coloring process, Madison Reed, also has a line of products in order to ensure your newly colored hair is protected as well make sure the color is maintained. They offer both a shampoo and conditioner color protector. In addition to using their products, there are also a number of additional steps and measures you can take to keeping your colored hair vibrant and healthy. Perhaps most importantly for color treated hair is to shampoo your hair less frequently and make sure to not shampoo your hair for 48 hours after a color treatment. When you do shampoo, always condition it as well. When you are washing your hair make sure to turn down the water temperature, hot water can be damaging to hair. Try washing your hair with the water at room temperature. Try a deep conditioner every few weeks without shampooing your hair first. Shampoo can take more color out of the hair that just a conditioner will not do. Lastly, do not color your hair too frequently. Once every five to six weeks, or longer, is best to achieve healthy hair.

Using Madison Reed’s high quality products, both their hair color and shampoo and conditioner, while also following their detailed instructions, are key into maintaining happy, healthy, beautiful hair in all colors.

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