Knee replacement and why it is done

Knee surgery is a kind of a common surgery procedure which can happen under various conditions. When knee pains happen (also this is a very common thing to happen after a certain age) then one does not suffer not only from pain but also it can reduce the mobility power of an individual. Due to chronic pain one can also get hampered sleep at night.

But before looking for knee surgeons and best knee replacement cost in India one must be aware of the major causes that can lead to excruciating knee pains. They are:

  • The regular wear and tear of knee tissues which is a very common cause. This can lead to regular knee pains, osteoarthritis and regular arthritis.
  • If there is overuse of knee joints. There are mainly 3 tendons that are present around the knee and because of overuse they can become inflamed and can cause pains.
  • There has been some sudden and acute injury. In this category mostly sport injuries are included. One can injure their knees in a football match or a basketball match. Injuries can also happen due to sudden accidents and falling down.

Now the question is why and when one at all should consider having a knee surgery? The major reason to have is that one is suffering from knee pain for a long time now. It is so much of pain that it is actually hampering their day to day activities and also hampering the peaceful sleep at night. Then one can go to a specialized knee doctor who can diagnose the problem properly and then treat them accordingly.

One should also consider proper treatment and surgery if the knee pain has occurred because of some heavy impact or outer force and that has lead to considerable pain, swelling, redness, tenderness and other issues around the knee joint.

Immediate medical assistance is also needed when the knee pain has been caused because of some sudden injury and because of that the joint appears to be deformed and it can lead to some intense pain and sudden swelling which can lead to immense difficulty to move the knees.

Going to an orthopedic surgeon means they can check the knee pain and evaluate them so that they can find the exact reason that is causing it. They can also check the level of pain that the person is suffering from. Then they need to assess whether a knee replacement surgery is needed there or not. Sometimes only medication and exercise can cure it but in extreme cases one can need a surgery.

Knee replacement price in India can be checked at any proper hospitals and nursing homes where it is done. Though there is various kind of knee surgeries the knee replacement surgery is mainly done to replace the diseased and damaged cartilage or bones that are present in the knee joint. An artificial joint is being placed there so that it can act like a natural joint post surgery. This is a common surgery done to arthritis patients.

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