What is the Right POS System for Your Auto Repair Shop?

The automotive industry is a major industrial and economic force across the globe. It makes 60 million cars and trucks a year, and they are responsible for almost half the world’s oil consumption. Cars are a significant investment and an essential part of our daily lives. Many people rely on their vehicles to get to and from work visiting friends, running errands, take care of family and more. The auto repair industry plays an important role in our industry. Auto mechanics are important in our lives because they are needed to fix our cars and make them safer. They are trained to diagnose a problem we have in our vehicle.

Mechanics need to rely on the tools of their trade and they are the ratchets, lifts, compressors, wrenches and other tools. Having said that, auto repair shops also have to rely on other tools such as a good pos system for auto repair shop in order to maintain a competitive edge.

If you own an auto repair shop and are looking for a Point of Sale System to help keep track of and manage customers, keep track of staff, sales, inventory and suppliers, you may want to check out the Clover Station. Sleek and stylishly-designed, the Clover Station has many benefits for auto repair shops. They work with all types of common transaction methods which also include mobile payment and chip ID credit cards. Most point of slae systems help shop owners process credit card  payments and customer checkout, a smart POS system for auto repair shop will also manage the appointment schedules of the customers. The Clover Station also allows you to serve your customer better especially during peak period. You will always be assured to have parts stocked in your store when you need them. Clover’s inventory tracking feature allows shop owners to keep a careful eye on their supplies, so they will know when they are running low on certain stock and need to re-order. Your inventory can be managed with ease as you get to see what have been purchased and also the quantity of the purchase. Never delay a repair again because you forgot to order parts.

Your customers would want to be able to pay for repair services in the way that is most convenient for them. With The Clover Station, you can be sure that it meets that need. It accepts debit and standard credit card payments, as well as EMV or chip-enabled cards. This merchant account solutions also has several options which accept contactless payment. Customers will have the confidence that their payments are being processed securely and conveniently, and owners will have the adaptability to accept varied payment types.

The easy-to-use setup instructions make the Clover a no brainer when it comes to choosing a payment system for your business. It adapt as your business grows.  So when you are in the market for a new POS system, choose a trusted provider of merchant account solutions for the best selection and service.

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