All you need to know about Brain tumors

The brain is an important organ in the human body. It is located inside cranium that protects the brain from injury. The brain controls all functions of the body. It has important parts as the cerebrum, cerebellum, medulla oblongata, and hippocampus. The memory and thinking process is conducted by this organ. The brain is supplied with large blood vessels. Brain tumors are common these days. The brain tumors are enlarged glands or surface tissue of the brain.

         The brain tumors could be cancerous and require surgery. The brain tumors are removed by surgical operations conducted by neurosurgeons. There are many types of brain tumors-

         Primary brain tumors that is present on the surface of the brain and those that are formed due to abnormal growth of cells in the brain.

         Glioma- these types of tumors originate in the glial cells and these tumors affect the functioning of the brain and spinal cord. These tumors can be cancerous and can be removed by surgery

         In glial cells- these tumors originate in or outside the structure of the brain. These tumors also affect the glands, blood vessels, and structures of the brain.

         Begnin- these tumors are non-cancerous and they don’t spread to other parts of the brain. The tumors are dangerous if they strike the Blood vessels, nerves, and glands.

         Malignant- these kinds of tumors are cancerous and they spread to other parts with a speed and affect the functioning of the brain. These tumors can be operated as there is no other solution to cure these tumors.

         Metastatic brain tumors- these tumors are formed in the lungs and breasts. They are carried to the brain by the bloodstream and affect the proper functioning of the brain. Their origin is not the brain. They are also removed by surgery conducted by a neurosurgeon.

         The Brain Tumor Treatment in India is considered to cost one-third of surgery expenditure in any other part of the world. The cost of the surgery depends on many factors-

  1. The type of tumor in the brain
  2. The medical facilities you like to avail before and after surgery.
  3. Fees of the neurosurgeon.
  4. The hospital you are choosing for the surgery.
  5. The room you intend to choose after the surgery.
  6. The tests conducted on the patient before the surgery.
  7. The hotel you choose after the surgery for post-surgical treatment.

         What is brain tumor surgery?

         It is a surgical procedure conducted by the neurosurgeon to remove the cancerous tumors from the brain. Brain tumor treatment cost depends largely on the type of surgery you are undergoing. The tumor should be treated in the initial stage as it is difficult to conduct surgery in later stages. The operational treatment largely depends on

  1. The mental and physical condition of the patient.
  2. The nature of the tumor.
  3. The type of tumor.
  4. The location of the tumor.
  5. If the patient is suffering from any other dreadful disease.

         The brain tumors are not deadly every time. Some tumors can remain in the brain without affecting the functionality of the brain. You should keep an eye on the visible symptoms and treat them accordingly.

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