5 Outfit Ideas for Summer Dining

A summer night is one of the best times to be out and about, showing off your fashion sense while in the company of friends, a loved one, family or alone.

You can ditch the shorts and tank combo and pull out stylish options from your wardrobe for your night out. However, the main rule to adhere to here is to pick clothes that you will be comfortable in.

No matter the style or cut and how casual or ostentatious your outfit is, you should be able to feel at ease and free throughout the night. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed when looking for the perfect combination of casual and stylish.

Listed below are ideas to get you started;


Short, long, A-line and straight, dresses are fashion staples that can work for any occasion. For a breezy summer night, dresses made with light materials with flattering cuts and patterns will do the trick.

A midi or full-length number with spaghetti straps or off-shoulder sleeves is a perfect blend of chic and casual. You can also opt for a wrap dress with a bit of a plunging neckline and full sleeves.

The little black dress has been a firm favorite for a long time now. Pair it with a short coat for a genuinely dashing summer look.

Pants and skirts

Whether you choose to keep your legs all covered up or you would like to show off the tan you worked on all day, you can add a dash of uniqueness to your outfit with your choice of pants.

Your favourite skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans are options that give you a wide range of leeway, letting you choose any article of clothing to go with them.

A flowing midi skirt in vibrant shades or metallic tones can be the focal point that sets your outfit apart. You can also show a bit of leg in a pair of leather shorts or a mini skirt.

Tops and blouses

Your blouse should serve as a statement piece that takes your outfit from ordinary to fashionable. After choosing a pair of pants or skirt, you need to add a stylish dimension to your outfit through your choice of tops.

Here, a blouse with dramatic sleeves, flattering cutouts, mesh panels or plunging neckline can do the trick. Better still, you can go for tops with fringes and ruffles for a feminine look that will draw the eyes.

Even the classic off-shoulder top can do wonders for your outfit. You should also focus on the type of underwear, especially the bra that you wear as the right kind of support is needed to make your blouse selection look phenomenal.

Invest in collections like french lingerie that will give you the best support, lift and contour. Wearing beautiful underwear can also add an air of confidence to your stride.


The jumpsuit is one of the most effortless pieces of clothing to style as you are not required to mix and match tops and bottoms.

A wide-legged or fitted number with full sleeves, straps or off-shoulder sleeves can be just what you need for your summer night. You can also use a light jacket to complete your ensemble


Your accessories should be the perfect complementary pieces to the clothes you have picked out. They can help elevate your look and give you that fashionable edge.

Mules are the trending fashion fads, famous for the comfort they provide while still being stylish. You can also opt for heels; an over-the-knee option or booties paired with your dress can tie up your look.

If you are going to be walking or staying on your feet for a while, a pair of sandals or sneakers will do your jeans or shorts combination some justice. A crossbody bag or clutch purse, a pair of dangling earrings and statement necklaces are perfect finishing touches for your outfit.

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