Are Synthetic Makeup Brushes Better Than Animal Hair?

If you thought doing makeup is easy, wait until it is time to pick the necessary tools. The main area of concern is the brush to spread the products across your skin evenly. Every other person has their tastes and preferences, but eventually, they all sum up to skin comfort.

Deciding on which brush to use is never an easy task owing to the merits that come with each. Whether it is synthetic or animal-based, always make an informed choice. If you are in the dark about which is which, you are in the right place to learn.

Keep reading to learn the best choice between synthetic makeup brushes and animal hair brushes.

Conservation and Ethics

This trait only plays out in the use of synthetic brushes. Synthetic brushes use no animal products meaning there are no animals that are harmed. It is more comforting when you know you are using a product that doesn’t hurt any other animal.

Animal conservation is the call for everyone, and it is high time for all firms to embrace the same. The best way to take part in these conservation practices is by staying away from products that require cruelty toward animals.

Apart from the foundation and other makeup products, application tools such as brushes need to be synthetic. This will grant you a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that there is no cruelty.

The issue of ethics and conservation go hand in hand. Ethically correct people have an excellent sense of protection and will stand against the use of animal products.

Absorption of Product

In typical cases, people hear of absorption and think about the penetration of makeup products into the skin. However, things are different when handling issues of makeup tools.

Absorption, in this case, refers to the wastage of makeup due to the quality of the application tools. The phenomenal mainly plays out when using animal brushes. These brushes absorb too much of the product, which amounts to a lot of wastage.

People using animal brushes will spend a lot of money replacing their products. For you to spend less on these products, you have to use the synthetic foundation brush since it absorbs less of the products.

Works for Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin? If you are among the people with sensitive skin, the animal brush is a no go zone for you. These brushes are associated with multiple allergic reactions, especially to individuals with sensitive skin.

People with sensitive skin are thus advised to stay away from them and instead opt for the synthetic ones. After all, they are soft to the skin and more comfortable to use than the natural brushes.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Synthetic brushes are easy and cheap to maintain. One of the maintenance practices that come into play when dealing with them is the cleanliness. They are easy to clean as compared to the animal brushes.

This means that you don’t have to spend every penny looking for an extra brush for your different products. Instead, you can decide to work on a budget whereby you clean the brush immediately after one product.

Do not allow it dry as it may cause some destruction to the bristles. When the bristles are destroyed, then the brush will be rendered useless. If you, however, can afford to buy one for each product, then go ahead and do it. After all, it’s safer that way instead of reusing.

Cleaning synthetic brushes is relatively easy as it will require ordinary water. Always keep it dry to avoid the development of microorganisms that can harm your skin.

Animal hair and hygiene should never appear in the same phrase. This means that of the two, animal hair comes last when it is the issue of cleanliness. This primarily plays out when dealing with acne.

The use of synthetic fibers in this tool ensures that it has antibacterial effects. For people with acne-prone skin, the last thing that should come into contact with your skin is a contaminated substance. This will be the scenario when you opt for animal brushes since they do not have antibacterial properties.

For you to be on the right side, you have no option but to use the synthetic brush. Their superior levels of hygiene are unquestionable.


When comparing two products, one of the parameters that can never be left out is the cost. If anything, it appears on top of the list since it is a crucial determinant. The price will either attract or pull away potential customers.

In this case, animal brushes come at an extra cost in that they are more expensive than synthetic brushes. Ironically, the price of the brush is higher than that of the products to be applied. This alone is enough reason to be against animal products.

Instead of spending a whole fortune on animal brushes, it would make more sense when you go for the cheaper option. After all, the synthetic brushes are more convenient; thus, the low cost comes as an added advantage.


While animal brushes hardly last for a year, synthetic ones can be in use for ages. This is due to the materials used to make them. You don’t expect animal hair to outlast synthetic material at any given time.

One thing about these animal brushes is that they begin wearing out from day one. Subjecting them to a little pressure shortens their lifespan slowly by slowly. On the flip side, synthetic brushes can withstand periods of stress.

It is on infrequent occasions that you will see synthetic brushes shedding their bristles. This is never the case in animal brushes, which are, in this case, more natural. The lost hairs cannot be fixed back. The only remedy is replacing the whole tool.

Whether to use natural or synthetic products is all a matter of choice. If you, however, base your argument on the information above, you will say a big no to the use of animal hair brushes. If anything, the time is ripe for the world to rise and stand against the cruelty that comes with animal products.

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