Creating the Perfect Style with a Curly Pixie Cut

A curly pixie cut is one of the most popular haircuts with adult women, although this cut does look great on kids. This cut can be a great option if you are looking for something short, sassy, and chic. The pixie cut is a great haircut for those with curly hair because it creates a fun and bouncy appearance. If you have a pixie cut and want curly hair, the best thing you can do is to use a curling iron to add curls where you see fit. Rags and pins curls are another way to add curls to a pixie cut without using high temperatures. If you want to achieve the best curl, you should make sure that your hair has been washed and thoroughly dried before you begin the curling process. This particular haircut is easy to add curls too but also looks great for those who have naturally curly hair.

Creating Various Styles

With a curly pixie cut, there are tons of great styles that you can mess around with. For a light and bouncy look, scrunch your hair with hands covered in a styling products. You will take advantage of the natural curls and bounce in your hair. Make sure to add a small amount of hairspray to the final product to make sure the style holds. A curly pixie cut is a haircut that is defined as a cut that usually is cropped with multiple layers to create a tousled appearance. This haircut looks great on women with slim faces and women with angular faces. Women with full or long faces will also find this cut to be flattering to their face. You can have short curls that have a textured spike to create a punk look. Another option is to create straightforward curls using a rod that is one inch. Many popular celebrities and stars have rocked a pixie cut with curls throughout the years. It is sure to look great on you, as well.

Benefits of a Pixie Cut with Curls

There are tons of benefits associated with getting a curly pixie cut. One of the major benefits of this haircut is that it is easy to take care of. You will definitely use a lot less hair product if you go for a super short pixie cut. With this particular haircut, you don’t even have to worry about styling it on days when you are short on time. Simply toss your hair with some product to add some volume and you can run out the door while still looking like a million bucks. There are tons of styles that you can toy with when you get a pixie cut with curls. You can style it up or leave it hanging down, depending on length.

Determining the Right Cut for Your Face

When getting a haircut, you have to keep your facial features in mind. A pixie cut can help bring out your cheekbones as well as your chin. If you have a large chin that you don’t like, you might want to avoid this cut so that your chin is not accentuated.

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