Know The Real Essence of Exquisite Time

For the present trend-cautious folks, a wristwatch is not just a time-telling tool to decorate the wardrobe. It is also a status symbol and a prized acquisition. At first, disparaged by masses in general as a senseless pattern – wrist watches soon turned into the testament of time as their common sense made pocket watches out of date. Today’s generation might argufy that wristwatches are gradually becoming obsolete. Why should one wear a wristwatch when the mobile phone has unfortunately become a part of our body?

  • Watches are punctual.
  • Watches are practical.
  • Watches are simple yet stylish.
  • Watches personify craftsmanship and make great heirlooms.
  • Watches create a strong relationship with time.

It’s Always a Good Time

Phones don’t keep you timely. Watches do. A wristwatch is the most advantageous approach to tell the time. Phones are distractive and will divert your attention at ease, and no wonder scrutinized today for their antagonistic impacts due to overuse. Fishing for your cell phone on regular occasions to check the time looks desperate. Anything that is a by-product of the military arsenal is sure to be a functional entity than mere luxury. Watches are relatively maintenance-free. They are sure to keep you in time whether you are deep diving to explore trenches, trekking the snowy peaks, or even skydiving. Although technology is getting instilled in watches at a steady pace, making them so-called “smart,” the ingenious mechanical wristwatches that predate electricity still tread well. Watches are a time-tradition and wearing the watches of our ancestors is a sign of remembrance. Well and genuinely watch collection is regarded a legacy.

The DNA of the Reactor

In a world brimming with watches too significant to even think about risking to the components, and also sensitive to the exposure in the real world, Reactor is glad to be the watch you wear while you are having a great time.

After spending over two decades the sports watch industry, Jimmy Olmes went on a quest to create a company that would transcend the expectations of athletes like never before. At the start of the twenty-first century, Reactor watches were developed and in no time transformed the sports watch segment. Marketed as the best-built sports wristwatch with superior performance, Reactor has outclassed and outperformed its fellow competitors.

The reason for the uniqueness is the Reactor’s DNA, the genetic engineering that powers the watch. Solid forged cases, screw bars, case backs, screw-down crowns, and the Never Dark technology have made Reactor watches a sought-after brand.

Constant transformation is vital to maintain sustainability. Swiss sapphire crystals got replaced by hardened ceramic glasses. Robust Japanese quartz replaced the fragile Swiss quartz. Fastening systems regularly updated to keep in tap the modern-day athletes’ strenuous exercise patterns.

Being an avid athlete, Jimmy attests to the quality of the wristwatches. The belief that a watch should never slow an athlete down is the impetus for progressive designs, unmatched quality and committed products. The success is a dedication to Jimmy and his proficient team for their constant surge for improvement.

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