Some unique necklace varieties to add to your style statement

If one loves dressing up then one must know that adding a statement necklace to it can make a huge difference to the appearance. It can really make or break a look.

So, when one is looking for long necklaces for women then one should know that there are varieties of necklaces available in the market and one should match the variety with the outfit that they are wearing. If the necklace and the outfit complement each other then it can be flaunted well.

Here are some major varieties one can look for:

 Opera necklace

This is something that goes really well when one is wearing something which has a deep neck. Also, this statement piece adds a huge amount of drama to the appearance. These necklaces are mostly 26 to 36 inches in length and they can also be styled in different ways.  One can also double it up as a two strand choker if they want it to wear it like that. That is why; this necklace can be worn in a versatile way.

 Multi coloured string necklace

This is a lovely neckpiece that one can wear with almost all kinds if Indian and western outfits. They have a medley of variety of colours and the twists in it can give it a very elegant look. One can wear them with a solid colour outfit so that it can get more attraction. One can wear it for a casual outing, beach party or a brunch and this is going to steal the spotlight for sure.

Thread necklace

This is said to be a very stylish neckpiece and they come in different varieties of lengths like from 14 inches to 20 inches. They are mainly made from colourful threads that are tied in one knot so that the necklace gets a very unique look. One can pair them up with some ice silver pendants as well. One can wear them with a kurta or a sari because it enhances the traditional look.

Bib necklace

This according to its name cover the neck area just like a bib does. This one turns out to be a gorgeous neckpiece and one can wear them with a western top or an Indian kurti. If one is wearing a very simple outfit, then they can easily cover it up with this statement necklace as they look really gorgeous.


They are mostly wrapped around close to the neck. One can wear them with an evening wear and this goes really well with any kind of neckline. One can choose from the chokers which have stone work done on it as well to wear it with a traditional outfit.

Collar necklace

They are also known as the crew necks and they are mostly 12 to 14 inches in length. They are mostly made from 3 strands (mostly kundan and pearls) and as the name says, it covers only the collar area.

One can look for necklaces for women online and choose from the endless varieties that are available there.

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