How to Apply and Wear Perfume Like a Pro

Regardless of the perfume is high-class or not, every perfume does not guarantee it can last longer. However, just like how you choose what you wear every day, it is important what perfume should you use, and how to use it as well. When you   buy cologne or any type of perfume, you must remember and follow rules in achieving the best of your favorite scent.  

Proper Rules about Perfumes

1. Different perfumes should never be mixed.

It is not good to use perfumes and perfumed cosmetics that conflict with each other. Deodorants and body cream shouldn’t have a strong smell. However, when using perfumed cosmetics, make sure that the aromas match the smells of each other.

2. Every perfume has its own ideal time to use.

There is also the right time to use a particular perfume. Generally, light aromas should be used in the day and during warmer months. Meanwhile, perfumes with stronger and more intense scent are appropriate to use at night and during the cold months.

3. Avoid rubbing perfume on the clothing.

Any perfume is best applied to the skin. Perfume experts do not advise putting perfumes on the clothes. Aside from the possibility of leaving stains especially on light fabrics, there are clothing types that are good in retaining smell like fur, and this is not good for those who used to change perfumes.

4. Rubbing the perfume is not a good idea.

Besides pouring the perfume on clothes, another usual mistake that is made in using perfumes is rubbing it to body areas like wrists. This is not recommended to do because it just spoils the molecules present in the perfume, splitting the aroma instead of strengthening it.

The Best Places to Apply Perfume

As mentioned, clothes should not be where the perfumes are supposed to be sprayed. However, not all parts of the body are suitable to apply perfume. Here are the best areas to splash your favorite perfume:

1. Behind the ears and wrists

In these parts, the blood vessels are closer to the skin’s surface. Moreover, the pulse and its temperature help to spread the skin better. When spraying in these areas, avoid using oil-based perfumes.

2. Hair

Because of its structure, the hair can save the smell even on perfumes. However, this part is quite sensitive, so remember these tips:

  • Do not use alcohol-based perfumes
  • If you have to, avoid applying it directly and spray them on the brush

3. Back part of the neck

Compared to other body parts, this is the most powerful area where the perfume can stay longer. However, this is best to apply perfume only during winter and fall because the heat tends to make the odor too strong.

4. Elbows

Perfume experts believe that the elbows are more suitable to apply the perfume compared to the wrists. However, the skin on this part is soft so be careful in spritzing perfumes in here because there is always the possibility of allergic reaction on these parts. 

Some Perfume Lifehacks

  • Store the perfume in a cold place where there is little access to oxygen
  • Avoid applying perfume on pieces of jewelry because it can be ruined due to oxidation and it can also change the smell
  • Apply body cream or lotion before splashing perfume to maintain its aroma longer
  • A low-quality perfume is manifested by bright appearance, drenched color, low price, and alcohol smell
  • Putting a few drops inside a shampoo or lotion bottle can produce more scent to your favorite shampoo or lotion.

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