Most Popular Colours in Fashion for 2019

If you are closely keeping up with fashion, you probably have a clue of the colour palette that will trend in 2019. While 2018 was mostly obsessed with millennial’s pinks, fire-engine reds and infusion or lemon yellow, 2019 will be all about the difference between light and dark.

Gone are the days of colour clashing and primary-colour bright. 2019 will be filled with dark colours such as cobalt blue and olive green. Shades like camel and sky blue will be dominating as the lighter shades.

Depending on the colour forecast, it would be wise to invest in the clothing of the following colours.

1.  Living Coral

After naming Ultraviolet as the colour of 2018, Pantone has now mentioned “Living Colour” as the shade for 2019. Pantone is a reputable colour-matching company. The company describes Living Coral as a life-affirming and animating shade of orange that has a golden undertone.

Just as coral reefs sustain and shelter sea life, Living Coral embraces warmth and nourishment to provide buoyancy and comfort in the constantly changing environment.

2.   Deep Green

You should not expect flowery colours such as statement oranges and blush pink to rule during this year. Deep green Louis Vuitton bags will have adequate space in 2019 fashion events.

You can use this colour to complement shades such as chestnut browns, camel tones, and greys. Deep green is the colour that will turn heads your way regardless of the bag you are carrying.

If you are a bag lover, you now know the colour you cannot afford to miss in your wardrobe this year. It would be a wise thing to start shopping for a deep green bag right now since the prices will be hiked over time.

3.  Ultra Violet

Are you a lingerie lover? Then you must know how shopping for lingerie can be confusing. Well, this is mostly because you have to factor in popular lingerie colours of the year.

Ultraviolet is predicted to be among the sexiest colours for lingerie in 2019. You can go ahead and confidently invest in your UltraViolet French lingerie.

4. Sweet Lilac

If you are a fan of pink, then you definitely need to know this colour. Sweet Lilac is a shade of baby pink and ideal for spring. It is a mild feminine colour that is not overly sick. In 2019, designers have used sweet lilac in girlish creations as well as minimalist designs. There has been plenty of sweet lilac on fashion runways, making it a trendy colour of the year.

5.  Light lavender

Lavender has made an appearance in both summer and spring colour trends of 2019. This shade goes well with softer yellows and deep neutrals such as Brown Granite and Eclipse.

Lavender would come out beautifully in a wrap dress paired with matching headdress and boots.

Most fashion events are now going for lavender as the “not-so-hyper” feminine option. Lavender can also go well with sexy separates such as short skirts and tight tank tops.

6.  Earth Tones

Fashion designers are looking to take a more natural look this year. Colour marketing companies predict that there will be a genuine appreciation for earthly tones such as leafy greens, taupes, oats and ocean blues in most fashion events during 2019.

Earth tones are perfect relaxing colours for bridging the gap between design and nature.

7. Gold

Gold is a shade that is used to exude achievement, success, luxury and triumph. This colour is mostly used to relate to wealth, loyalty and sometimes social class.

Over the decades, gold has been used as a staple colour in the design. Thanks to the advancing technology, you can now use gold on your screen or as a print.

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