How To Pick Your Prom Shoes

You can have an amazing dress but ruin the impact by choosing the wrong shoes. Imagine combining a beautiful pink silk gown with heavy boots – it just wouldn’t work. Here are our top tips to make sure you pick a shoe that will make you and your outfit look even better.

Comfort and glamour

While the appearance of the shoe is all-important, also remember that you will be in these shoes, and on your feet, for many hours. Choose a shoe that you can enjoy dancing in that won’t slice your feet to ribbons. Wear the shoes around the house before the prom so that they are worn in. 

The height of the heel is an important factor when choosing a shoe, as this will have an impact on the look, the position of the dress hem, and how comfortable the shoe is to wear. To figure out a heel height that should be comfortable for your feet, lift up your leg while allowing your foot to relax. The difference between heel and toe is an indicator of a good heel height for you. A friend may be helpful in measuring this. One foot may be larger than the other, and your feet will probably swell on the night, so bear this in mind when choosing your shoe size.

Colour and shape

Do you want to match the dress or provide contrast? Taking the dress with you, or a sample of the fabric from which it is made, can help you to judge what will go well. A pointed stiletto may look good, but it could be difficult to wear. If choosing sandals, make sure the straps are of a soft material that won’t dig into your feet. Block heels have become more fashionable and provide good stability.

Looking for prom dresses can be quite time-consuming. It is generally best to choose the dress and then decide on the accessories to go with it. If you are looking for prom dresses online, check out sites such as to find a large variety of stylish looks at affordable prices. 

Going to their prom is an exciting event in any young woman’s life, so make sure you extract maximum enjoyment from it by giving yourself plenty of time to choose your outfit.

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