Main Differences between the Major and Minor Arcana Cards

Tarot card reading is a major science which involves rigorous analysis and in-depth view. Those who are starting in tarot card reading will find it difficult to understand the terms and concepts which are used in a tarot card reading. The tarot reading consists of many cards which are used for revelation. The revelation is either a lesson from your past, a highlight of your present or a strategy for your future.

All of this cannot be understood unless the process of tarot card reading and the different sections it is divided in is explained. This article focuses on the variety of concepts and its application, the differences and its significance involving tarot card reading.

Two big Units:

Before getting into how and why differences in tarot card are there in reading. We should go through what major and minor arcana are. These two concepts are used mostly in tarot card reading, and it is essential to know what they mean. They are explained as follows:

The Major Arcana in Tarot Reading:

The major arcana card symbolizes life itself. It describes the maturity of an individual and how a person transforms of what he/she was at first. Just like a plant root peeping from the ground and growing up to be a full-grown tree with the rays of sun playing hide and seek between the branches of it. It indeed shows the resistance to all the calamities it survived and the determination to reach as high as it can. Such is the situation of us humans; we face hardships and trials in our life. It is because we can never feel joy if we have not tasted what it feels like to be sad or struggle. It is our hardships, which allows us to get inspired and dream of a better life. 

Major Arcana Cards:

There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana which initially starts with a card known as “The Fool,” and after 21 more cards, you wind up at “The World.” The long journey from being nothing to be the perfect balanced person is what major arcana deals with. These cards are given as follows:

•           The Fool (0)

•           The Magician (1)

•           The High Priestess (2)

•           The Empress (3)

•           The Emperor (4)

•           The Hierophant (5)

•           The Lovers (6)

•           The Chariot (7)

•           Strength (8)

•           The Hermit (9)

•           Wheel of Fortune (10)

•           Justice (11)

•           The Hanged Man (12)

•           Death (13)

•           Temperance (14)

•           The Devil (15)

•           The Tower (16)

•           The Star (17)

•           The Moon (18)

•           The sun (19)

•           Judgment (20)

•           The World (21)

Every single card has its meaning, which describes the different phase of an individual life growing to become wise and mature. It reflects one’s journey in time to become something better and create oneself endlessly. These cards in any part of our lives serve as the guiding principles as what to do when we are all stranded on the lonely island of hopelessness. It is then the tarot reading with the revelation of these cards determines us the best options we can choose.

The Minor Arcana in Tarot Reading:

The major arcana tell us about how we as individuals transform through life. This is indeed a major step and change. There are also small and simple steps that we take to spark something bigger. For example, happiness is a major deal for us, but it does not matter where its source is, it can be food or just by talking to your family. All these computers to bigger events which are made by smaller actions. This is the essence of Minor Arcana in tarot card reading. The minor arcana deal with day-to-day events rather than major life events.

Minor Arcana Cards:

There are 56 cards of minor arcana which are divided into 4 sections. They represent

1.         Money (Pentacles)

2.         Emotions (Cups)

3.         Words (Swords)

4.         Passions (Wands)

The divisions mentioned above have their separate numbering system within it. They are numbered from 1-10, it helps to ease out the revelation for minor arcana tarot card reading. The even numbers 2,4,6,8 and 10 represents harmonious energies that build up a positive and energetic aura. 1 stands for a new beginning no matter how minute, while 10 is the conclusion or end of one cycle.

Apart from that, each division also consists of court cards. They include a Knight, the Queen, The King, and page. The page is also known as a naive or a beginner in that area. The night is a symbol of strength and valor. The queen is a nurturer and caretaker; she is the inspiration for creativity; the king is more practical and technical.

Major Arcana VS Minor Arcana:

There is a clear understanding now as to how these two are different. One builds up a major life event while the other takes that event and transforms that individual. Both are directly in relation and influencing each other. It should be noted that the difference doesn’t necessarily mean one of them must be important than the other. As it is clearly shown above how both are compatible with each other. The role of minor arcana cards is that of situations within our life, which we encounter more often in our daily routine and how it builds up too many events in life. While major arcana cards represent the necessity of decisions that need to be taken to build yourself, it is more about growing and maturing by taking the right decisions. The major cards are more complex and difficult to interpret; it requires a profound sense of intuition and determination. While the minor cards deal with much less intricate and complex situations, although one cannot be completed without the other, they both are significantly effective over each other.

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