Big Fashion Trends to Know for This Year

Need to know the biggest trends for the year ahead? Check out our quick-reference guide of what to wear in 2019, including the arrival of some longer-term trends that are set to stay for years.

Bright Tailoring

Sharp two-piece outfits in one fresh, bold colour will be a major trend. The two items, be it blazer and trousers or skirt and shirt, should be the exact same colour. Accessories can then be added in different shades of the same colour. Royal blue, purple and bright orange are great choices, although pastels are also an option.

Utility for Utility’s Sake

In this trend the return of khaki and army-inspired utility wear is a low-key one in terms of style but high-key in terms of function. This season’s utility clothes really are practical, with the addition of tool belts and super helpful pockets. This fresh, clean approach to utility is set to stay as we look for clothing that not only lasts but serves us in other ways.


Feathers, feathers everywhere, from earrings to hairpieces and even on bags and shoes. In the more haute items they may even be real feathers from exotic animals such as ostriches. This trend can be worn as big or as small as you dare. A pair of feather earrings is the perfect summer evening accessory to wear with one of the glam maxi dresses at

Square-Toed Shoes

If the noughties were the years of round-toed heels, then the 2010s have been about cleaner, sharper toes. For the decade ahead the toe has gone square. Last seen in the 1990s, square-toed heels on shoes and boots are back for the long haul.


Everyone loves a bow, and with the appearance of bows on practically everything this season, there are plenty of chances to embrace this school-era fastening. There’re most popular on glam hairpieces, which are another major trend this year, and you may also see bows on shoes and other items of clothing.

A few trends to also note include neon, animal print and asymmetric femininity. Those who like to dress it up and those who like to tone it down have both got great options this year. If in doubt: if it was acceptable in the 90s, it’s good to go in 2019.

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