Natural & Organic Cosmetic Solutions for this Summer

Summer is here along with the heat and the most loved bikini season. Endless sunny days and mornings on the beach are reasons to be excited for sure, but we are here to talk about some summer health concerns.

Our skin, our shield from the sun is our largest organ and protector. Helping your skin from the inside out is very important for you to stay safe under the sun in the hot sunny days. Therefore, eating healthy is a must but what we want to point here is that the same goes for what you put on your skin.

As your skin has the ability to absorb, you should be equally concerned about what you are feeding your skin with. Natural, organic cosmetics should be your only choice. As most of the chemicals found in the synthetic products are very concerning and potentially harmful you should avoid them completely. However, hot summer temperatures increase the risks even more.

“Copyright: Unsplash/author: Jernej Graj / I License: CC0 Public  Domain”

Non-toxic, Mineral Sunscreen (SPF)

Sunscreen is the number one product for the summer. It is recommended to use sunscreen whenever you are exposing your skin to the sun. SPF protects the skin from sunburns and the harmful UV rays. What is constantly emphasized is that the use of sunscreen prevents the potential risk of skin cancer. Well, paradoxically enough most of the synthetic sunscreens contain chemicals that are carcinogens.

Generally, there are two types of sunscreen products on the market:

1.                Mineral – makes a physical barrier between your skin and the sun. It is safe to use! It doesn’t penetrate the skin and does not contain harmful ingredients. They might be less effective in sunblocking, however, they cannot cause any additional harm.

2.                Synthetic – Chemical sunscreens penetrate the skin in order to absorb the UV rays. Not safe to use! Some of the chemicals found in synthetic sunscreen are very concerning. 

·         Chemicals of concern Benzophenone 2/ benzophenone 3 and Oxybenzone. They’re bioaccumulative and toxic. Their use is linked to cancer, organ system toxicity and endocrine disruption.

–   Homosalate – commonly found in sunscreen, Homosalate is linked to hormones and endocrine disruption.

3.                Organic Oils – Although organic oils have very low SPF, they still do protect sunburns. Moreover, they are excellent nurturers, have anti-aging properties, even the skin tone and help in quick tanning. If you can time your exposure right you can have all the benefits without any harmful effects of the sunblock. Here are the oils that are great beach companions:

  • Carrot seed oil (SPF 30-40)
  • Wheat germ oil (SPF 20)
  • Coconut oil ( SPF max 10)
  • Avocado oil (SPF 5-15)
  • Almond oil (SPF 5)
  • Jojoba oil (SPF 5)
  • Olive oil (SPF 4-8)Raspberry seed oil (SPF 30-50)
“Copyright: Unsplash/author: Maciej Serafinowic / I License: CC0 Public  Domain”

Natural Deodorant

Perspiration is another thing we want to deal effectively with during the summer. Excessive sweat and the odor are very irritating and we want to deal with them in the best possible way.

The most commonly used products for this matter are the antiperspirants. Let’s look at the two alternatives found on the market:

Natural Deodorant – has the ability to prevent the odor with the help of antimicrobial agents. Natural deodorant doesn’t affect the normal process of sweating. It doesn’t clog the pores and doesn’t prevent the skin from breathing normally.

  • Ingredients that might be found in natural deodorants are essential oils, baking soda, cornstarch, minerals, Aloe Vera gel, algae…

Antiperspirant – has the ability to prevent the odor and the sweating. It clogs the pores and it prevents the skin from breathing and sweating normally.

  • Antiperspirants are almost 100% made from heavy chemicals. Those chemicals are very toxic to our body and they prevent the normal functioning of the glands.

Chemicals of concern:

–  Parabens – interferes the hormone production

–  Triclosan – carcinogen

–  Phthalates – linked with cancer, infertility and reproductive development

–  Aluminum – linked with breast cancer

Natural and Organic Skin Care

Nurturing your skin after the long and harsh sun exposure is very important. Moreover, your skin has the ability to regenerate itself, all you need to do is provide some help.

Throw away the synthetic moisturizers and skin care products. They provide instant improvement but are harmful and destructive for the skin in the long term. Using all natural, organic and 100% safe products will provide a good nurture for your health. Natural ingredients found in the clean cosmetics stimulate the skin ability to regenerate, produce collagen and elastin, therefore, we may say that they have anti-aging and nourishing properties.

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