7 Simple Google AdWords Hacks That’ll Drive More Qualified Leads

Google Adwords has been seen as one of the tools to be used in creating the best campaigns for any business. An advertising system formed by Google, it provides great help especially in having a considerable number of leads for a low cost per lead.However, as you go along you will discover that some of the leads are not useful and worse, irrelevant to your brand and marketing campaigns. This makes your return on investment (ROI) dreary since these advertisements can be converted into additional revenue.

According to A PLUS Digital, to avoid having generated leads that are poor quality, the following are some hacks that can make your Google Adwords gain better leads that can boost your brand.

Hack #1: Construct a landing page that is highly relevant.

One of the functions of Google Adwords is to generate competent leads that can be put into the landing pages. And since the landing page has to encourage its visitors into customers, it should always be optimized and relevant to the content of the ads. Moreover, the keywords, ad copy, and landing page must be interconnected.

Hack #2: Enhance the usage of negative keywords.

As controversial as it may look like, using negative keywords or those that don’t describe your brand can prevent your ads from displaying even to those that don’t match your ads. Also, it helps to just focus on more qualified leads which can turn into better conversion rates.

Hack #3: Avoid losing track on the end goal of the visitors.

Determining every visitors’ end goal or the thing that they look forward to having or accomplish is another way to stand out in Google Adwords.

Do not provide to your visitors only the things that they already know. Instead, put your headline and content in a way that your brand helps your customers achieve what they want.

Hack #4: Use appropriate keyword match types.

As Google Adwords based its job on the keyword choice by the user, it displays the ads that are relevant to the auction system. There are four keyword match type classifications, and each should be used depending on the impression that wants to establish and the relevancy as well.

Hack #5: To create urgency, use countdown timers.

Setting timer by putting the extract to the headline “{=” or description of the ads provokes the visitor to do an action faster, avoiding the fear of missing out (FOMO).

Hack #6: Pursue your locals.

It is always tempting to eye for more than one city or country especially if your product offers a worldwide convenience. However, making your customers feel that your service is near and convenient for them is better than extending your offers to wider yet inaccessible destinations.

 Do not forget to put your local contact details to also pull traffic.

Hack #7: Create campaigns that are mobile-optimized.

Having mobile-optimized campaigns makes your ads more accessible especially in mobile devices since most of the visitors are using it in searching or inquiring.

In making Google AdWords campaigns, another thing to consider is that if that will be a mobile-friendly or mobile-only campaign.

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