Looking For Trendy Eyewear?

Every day we lather ourselves with products that make us feel and look a certain way, these products have to some extent become a part of our identity now. Similar is the case of accessories.The way in which we carry ourselves represents who we are, the accessories that we switch each day have an unconscious pattern that we may not yet notice but has become a vital part of our identity. From the multiple sorts of accessories we use on a daily basis, eyewear is something which is more of a necessity to a few, be it medicated by an eye surgeon or sunglasses, you can rock it the way you like!

Glasses never go out of style, however they do evolve every decade. They are that one accessory which rests on your face (hence your identity) and becomes a part of what people remember you from.Here we present a range of online eyeglasses and eyewear styles which has existed since the longest time yet remain trendy and durable.

  1. Round

The round frame eyeglasses will just not let go of us, jokes apart we do not want to leave either. Especially the semi and full rim round shaped glasses, they have always had a place in our hearts, wearing them gives us a classic signature look and they suit almost any face shape. The Harry Potter legacy shall live on. However the half or semi rim rounded eyeglasses provide a more muscular look. The rim-less round shaped glasses has had its fame but now is not worn as much as before.

  1. Cat-eye

With an intense dramatic look, the cat eye glasses have an everlasting vintage aura which was previous worn by all the reputable and famous women. Given the edgy cut it has, the cat eye glasses is basically a feminine style. In every era, all the high maintenance women of the society owned not one but many pairs of this style. The cat eye frame is further exaggerated with certain diamantes and associated shapes. Pull a long heavy wing eye-liner with a cat eye eyewear and you are either ready to star in a vintage film or slay the hot sunny day at the beach.

  1. Square

The classic ‘square’ is way more than a typical shape in the eyeglasses arena. The square can be pulled towards the oval soft edged frame style or a strict rigid square. It even varies in width of the frame, however smaller frames have not remained as trendy as before, the large ones might cover a a good part of your face but at least it makes you look fun.Although it shall be kept in mind that rim less square shaped eyewear will only make you look dull and will extract your whimsical aura right out of your impression.

  1. Aviator

Although the common perception supports the idea of aviators to remain constricted to sunglasses, this unique shape of the eye wear really works both including the clear prescribed glasses as well. Traditionally most of you must remember the oval of rounder shape when am aviator is under discussion, however a pair of square-ish aviators pretty much brings the focus and exuberance right on your face.

Designs for specific eye wear shape

Having a specific face shape can be exciting and intimidating at the same time, but you have to learn to play along the gifts of nature. Some glasses frames do not suit a certain face shape and the realization will only take you place.

For round faces, try out a pair of classy and a flat square shaped eyeglasses since it combats with the round boundaries of the face and makes your face look longer.

People with an edgy face outline who willingly want to put less emphasis on your sharp features, rounded frames with large lenses is the key to it.

The universal oval shape is the most common face shape, if you are the kind of this guy, wearing soft square frames and the curving sort will definitely make you look even more attractive.The pointed chin may be intimidating however, the wider frames on the top rather than at the bottom are your life saviors.

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