Hairstyling Tools you Should Invest in

There is nothing like shiny lustrous mane of hair in boosting one’s self-confidence. Well-styled hair is sign of good grooming and it shows that you pay attention to your appearance. While taking care of your hair is an important part of it, styling your hair is also important. It starts with getting a good haircut. But to keep the haircut looking good, you need some extra help. Sometimes you need professional hair tools to help you.

Curling iron: The curling iron does exactly what it says it would — curl your hair. Shaped like a wand, it is hot on one end. The other end is the handle. The hair is twirled around the hot end. The heat ensures that the hair takes the circular shape of the wand end. Once you unravel the hair from the wand, the hair will fall in loose spirals. The curling iron is the perfect tool for the wavy hairstyle. It can have a fast or slow switch.

Flat iron: Also known as a straightening iron, the flat iron is used to straighten the hair. It has two flat plates that are made of ceramic or metal. When switched on, electricity heats up the plates. Sections of hair are placed in between the two plates and pressed. The iron is then moved up and down the length. The hot plates straighten the hair, much like a clothes iron. They could come with variable temperature settings. The higher temperature is for coarse and thick hair, while lower temperatures are more suitable for thin hair.

Hair dryer: If there is one professional hair tool that should be part of your at-home beauty kitty, it’s the hair dryer. As any diva would tell you, a blow-dry can fix anything! A hair dryer is simply an instrument that blows hot air. But it is more than just a drying instrument. The dryer is the finishing touch that a hairstylist will use to finish a style. The dryer is used with a hairbrush. While the brush shapes the hair, the hot air ensures that the hair stays in place. Some dryers go a step further. There are dryers available today that seal the cuticles, reducing the fizz factor. Dryers also come with variable temperature settings.

Thermal/hot brushes: If you find if difficult to handle a dryer and a hairbrush at the same time, the thermal or dryer brush is the tool you have been waiting for. This tool combines the brush and the dryer in one piece so that you are not juggling with two instruments all the time. It is ideal for long hair since you can blow-dry as you brush it. Dryer brushes also act as volumizer and hence, are ideal for thin hair.

Some hairstyling tips when working with professional hair tools:

Working with this tool takes a little practice. It can be a little hard and awkward to style your hair by yourself. You can try online tutorials or ask your hairstylist to help you with it. But all it really needs is some practice!

Make sure your hair has been washed and conditioned. When working with heating products, it is best to use a heat protecting conditioner.

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