Why enrolling to photography college is mandatory

When one wants to do photography as a profession then they definitely need to have a proper education degree for that. These days, in the job market there is no place for the amateurs.

So, the moment one decides professional photography as a career choice, they need to enrol themselves in a photography college so that they can undergo a proper course and get a proper degree certificate at the end of it.

It is a good idea to decide early on these choices so that one can make the right academic choices for it. In order to get into a good photography college one needs to pass their high school board examinations with decent marks and then go for it. Some colleges may have their own entrance examination procedures while others have normal admission procedure depending on the marks and percentage acquired by the applicant at high school.

Mostly all the reputed photography colleges have undergraduate programs of 3 years that is the BA program and then there is 2 years for the post graduation course. One can go for these traditional 5 years long course to do good photography or else one can also opt for diploma courses. If one does not have the time for this elongated course then they can go for diploma certificate courses in photography which mainly goes on for 6 months to 1 year.

But apart from these advanced courses one also has to excel in a particular genre of photography if they want to make a mark in the professional field of photography. There are several genres pr subdivisions in photography from where one can pick. They can choose from food photography, portfolio, wedding photography, fashion photography, travel photography, aerial photography and many more. If any of these specialisation is done by an individual then they are definitely a step ahead when it comes to landing a job in the professional world.

Though diploma courses in photography are not as strong as degree courses but they also have its own positive points. The best part is, if one already has a job and want to continue to learn photography as a passion then they can easily go for these courses. First of all they are of shorter durations and at the same time, as they are professional courses, they mostly have evening classes and so working people can easily attend them.

Best Photography colleges in India have some proper course divisions in their undergraduate and master degree programs. Also they have some really good faculties which will help them to learn photography in a proper and educative way. They will not only concentrate on the theoretical classes but they will have practical classes as well.

Also they have some proper career council cells which will help them to make a proper resume and then go ahead in applying jobs. If one does not have a proper portfolio then it might get difficult to get a proper job or an internship which never happens here.

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